Using Nerdio

A User is Not Receiving an SMS message or Phone call for Two-Factor Authentication Adobe - GPO defaulting to reader Am I using Nerdio for Azure (NFA) or Nerdio Private Cloud (NPC)? B - An open application is preventing the user session from logging off. Can I assign multiple desktop pools to a single user in NPC? Can I pay by credit card? Can I pay my Nerdio bill in currencies other than USD? Considerations when moving resources to a new subscription with a different CSP Disconnect vs. log off vs. shut down Do you support two factor authentication to log in to Nerdio desktop? How do I add/update bulk users in Nerdio? How do I allow non-desktop users to reset their own passwords? How do I allow users to reset their own passwords? How Do I Connect to Office365 via PowerShell How do I get a report of Servers in my Nerdio account? How do I include/exclude users from MFA with SMS Passcode? How Do I Modify Web Filtering using SafeDNS? How do I retrieve a deleted folder or file? How do I setup a Mobile Device with an App for Multi-Factor Authentication? How do I shadow a specific user's desktop on a multi-user session host? How to authenticate a user if the user doesn’t have a registered mobile number? How to increase retention or days of snapshots in an Azure Recovery Services Vault I can’t connect to my Nerdio desktop I can’t install an app I forgot my password. What should I do? I want to transfer files to/from Nerdio desktop I want to use my scanner to scan some important project specific documents. How do I go about using it? I would like to change my password Installing 3rd Party Firewall No license servers available to provide a license