NFA to NMM FAQ (Planned)



As more and more Nerdio partners start migrating to NMM, we've noticed some patterns with partners' questions and concerns about the process. Here are a list of frequently asked questions and some answers that can help you get started.


Q: There are a lot of moving parts here. Is there a risk of disrupting my customer’s production?

A: If you’re following our steps, the production environment will not be impacted at all. In fact, the migration uses as many of the existing resources as possible, meaning that none of the core infrastructure needs to be moved around. You’ll simply connect NMM to the existing Azure resources, then build a new host pool in parallel with the old one, so your customer won’t even notice that the migration is occurring.


Q: How much downtime can I expect my customer to experience during the transition?

A: None! Since the new host pool is built while the current one is still in production, your users will only need to be down for as long as it takes them to refresh their Remote Desktop feed at the very end of the process (typically less than one minute).


Q: If I’m building this new environment in parallel with the old one, will this cost me or my customer extra money?

A: There is the potential for incurring extra costs, but some careful planning and execution can limit this dramatically. Here’s our guide on Reducing cost during NFA to NMM Migration.


Q: This seems complicated, is there anyone I can turn to for help?

A: Absolutely! If our documentation at doesn’t get you all the way there, you can reach out to our support team for assistance at


Q: I want to use the automated process, is there anything I should be aware of before running it?

A: Yes, there are a few non-standard NFA environments that will cause issues with the automation. Do NOT use the automated process if you have one of the following environments:

If you’re unsure what kind of NFA environment you have, please contact support at


Q: If I delete my host pool in NFA and something goes wrong later, can I restore it?

A: No, host pool deletion is permanent. You could potentially restore the old image and create a new host pool from that, but the best option is to have your new NMM pool fully tested and allow your users some time to run operations from there before deleting NFA resources.


Q: I want to move my FSLogix profiles to an Azure Files share, can I do that during the migration?

A:  While this is technically possible, our recommendation would be to get established in NMM and then look into moving your FSLogix profile data to Azure Files. Getting used to NMM and the way it handles FSLogix customization will help make the transition easier.


Q: I want to use Azure AD DS (or Azure AD Join) for my domain and get rid of DC01. Can I do that as part of the migration?

A: If you’re wanting to migrate to a new domain, it’s a good opportunity to rebuild the environment, and it’s honestly simpler to do so than to try to migrate over the existing one. We would recommend treating this as a greenfield deployment, then migrating over user data. If you need more detailed information on what this would look like, please contact us at



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