Easily Expand Those Profile Containers with FSLogix v2105

Hey Chuck from Nerdio here, 

So many times we've seen partners and even ourselves run into that 30GB default limit with FSLogix profile containers.  With a recent update to FSLogix (v2105) this has now been simplified with just a registry edit (No more migrating to another container!).  Here's Microsoft's release notes on FSLogix:


Here's that new feature:

  • You can now increase the size of an existing VHD(x) by updating the SizeInMB setting.

We also found this great write-up on the process and it couldn't be easier:


Adjusting the SizeInMB setting in the FSLogix registry settings will expand the limit of the FSLogix profile the next time the user logs in.   Hope this helps anyone fighting those FSLogix container migrations!




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Dave Stephenson

Has anyone been able to get this to work using Azure Files?
We tried it yesterday but couldn't get it to work.

We have a few users who are close to the 30 GB limit (don't ask . . . 🤦‍♂️) and needed to expand just their profiles (instead of changing the policy for all users).
We tried it with a local admin account, domain admin account (that has the Storage File Data SMB Share Elevated Contributor (Access Control) and Full Control (SMB) of the directory), and with a network drive mapped with a Storage Account Access key.
Each time, we received the same error of "Error opening source VHD (0x00000003): The system cannot find the path specified." even though we can browse to the VHDX file in the PowerShell and File Explorer windows. 

Steve Hopler

Use the UNC path to your Azure Files share instead of a mapped drive.  You can get that from the Azure files section for the client in Nerdio. 

Dave Stephenson

Thanks, Steve Hopler!

That's what we needed.
When we used the UNC Path instead of the mapped drive, it worked!
.\frx.exe migrate-vhd -src "\\STORAGEACCOUNT.file.core.windows.net\FILESHARE\PROFILEFOLDER\Profile_USERNAME.vhdx" -dest "\\STORAGEACCOUNT.file.core.windows.net\FILESHARE\PROFILEFOLDER\Profile_USERNAME_increased.vhdx" -size-mbs=50000 -dynamic=1


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