Scheduled Power On/Off for Servers

It would be nice if servers had the same option to schedule a power up/down action like Desktop Images.  Looks like most of the functionality is already there in the Auto Scale options but an ad hoc scheduler would scratch a few use case itches.


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Nerdio Support

Hi Ryan Dorman. We recently added the ability to schedule Scripted Actions on Servers for this purpose. This provides the ability to schedule power cycles, application installs/updates and more. You can also make it recurring if that's what you need. All it takes is a simple PowerShell script. Does that work for you?

Ryan Dorman

That does meet the underlying need but i'll say - The interface and flow for scheduling power ups/downs/scripted actions on Desktop Images and Session Hosts is really well designed, easy to use and robust in features.  It would be great if that was extended but I realize that is not the focus of the platform.

Thanks for the reply!


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