Logic for "Distribute VMs across Availability Zones"

When host pool properties has "Distribute VMs across Availability Zones" setting enabled for VM Deployment, add host tasks can fail if the particular VM size SKU is unavailable for the availability zone that Nerdio tries to add the VM in. There doesn't seem to be logic in Nerdio that makes sure the particular SKU is available for the zone, prior to deployment. When auto-scale is trying to add a new host, it continually tries the same zone, and doesn't try another. 

For example, Standard_E4s_v5 SKU is restricted in AZ2 for eastus2 region, only AZ1 and AZ3 are available. 

But yet Nerdio tries deploying to it. Could logic be built-in to check for restrictions before adding a new VM?


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Gido Veekens

Hi Brian. We recently added a similar logic to NME. We'll bring it to NMM soon. Thanks for pointing this out!

Brian Mock

Gido Veekens - was this logic added to NMM yet? We upgraded to 3.11.1 thinking the Azure Capacity Extender and specifying alternate VM sizes would help with this, but that is not the case. Our NMM reseller (Pax8) told us the below after opening a ticket about this: 

The Azure Capacity Extender is meant to allow administrators to specify additional, alternative VM sizes to be provisioned in the event that sufficient resources are not available in the Azure region for the default host pool VM size

Nerdio Support

Hi Brian Mock. Yesterday we've released NMM v3.12 which includes the logic to skip deployment if the VM size is not available in that specific AZ. It will become GA next week. Let me know if that improves your experience. I agree the Azure Capacity Extender serves a different purpose.

Release notes: NMM Product Revisions – Nerdio Help Center


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