Request - Please add Azure quota information to Nerdio

Just ran into this the other day with a client that we reached quota for vCPUs and needed to request a quota increase.
We were prepping a new image and when I ran the 'shutdown and set as image' I left the page, later coming back to find that it failed due to not being able to spin up the VM due to quota.

Can we get a warning or a banner if we are getting close to quota. At top of images, servers, & host pools to avoid this in the future; or perhaps a notification globally 'x client is at n% of quota' I imagine this happening to someone who relies on autoscale would be more rather impactful.


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Gido Veekens

Thanks for your suggestion Tomas. In Nerdio Manager for Enterprise we've recently released the Capacity Extender. When a VM deployment fails, it will automatically switch to an alternative VM size you've set. It was initially designed for handling potential capacity issues in a specific Azure region, but it also covers quota limits. So instead of just notifying you, it resolves the issue before it has significant impact. We're planning on implementing Capacity Extender in Nerdio Manager for MSP as well. What do you think, would this solve your challenge?


Gido Veekens
Sorry for late response to this, i didnt get a notification of reply.

Unfortunately because we purchase our plans through a vendor the normal 'request size increase' does not work as we have to request through the vendor.
If the "it resolves the issue before it has significant impact" is to request a quota increase then it would not function for us no.

We hit quota (i dont remember exact value but for example) 50 cpu / 50 cpu; so no additional vm's of any size would be able to spin up.
I am looking forward to the region based change you are implementing though. 


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