Power off and set as image with existing schedule (Planned)

When the desktop image has a routine schedule configured, you cannot perform an ad-hoc "Power off & set as image" task. You must first delete the existing schedule. The schedule pop-up window does not show what scripted actions are configured to run as part of the scheduled task, so people that come in behind whomever originally set the schedule configuration are left in the dark. We could of course document this in another system, but it would be nice for Nerdio to display what scripted actions are configured as part of the scheduled desktop image update task. We have 2 suggestions/feature requests:

  1. Allow ad-hoc "Power off & Set as Image" to be run when an existing scheduled task exists for a desktop image.
  2. Display what scripted actions are configured to run for a scheduled desktop image update task (and allow modification without having to delete/re-create).

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Amol Dalvi

Hi Brian - the ability to "Run once" for an existing scheduled task is coming soon. We will cover some scheduled tasks in the January release and the rest in the February release.

We will investigate why the Scripted Actions are not displayed for scheduled tasks.


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