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Friendly name for remote apps

Applies to: Nerdio Manager for MSP (NMM) v3.5.0+

Azure has changed the default behavior of friendly names for remote apps, rather than automatically specifying the friendly name, it is now assuming the name based on the app selected. NMM is not providing any values in the Friendly Name field. NMM also copies the application name if saved without a friendly name. Let us look at how a friendly name field is populated in NMM.

Log into your account in NMM and navigate to AVD>Host Pools. Add a new host pool say "Demo":


When the host pool "Demo" gets created, by default, the "Friendly Name" field is populated with the same name as the host pool i.e "Demo":


Note: You can always edit the friendly name later once the host pool is created.

Similarly, NMM auto-populates the "Friendly Name" field for individual remote apps under a host pool with the same name as the app selected. For example, select a host pool "SPtest_friendly_name" and select  "Manage Hosts>"RemoteApps" option from the action menu as shown below:


To add a new remote app, select "Add RemoteApp" button:


Add the remoteapp say "databasecompare" as shown below:


As you can see, by default, the "Friendly Name" field is populated with the same name as the remote app name i.e "Database Compare". NMM, however, also allows you to edit the friendly name at the time of remote app creation.


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