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Overview of Windows 365 Business Cloud PC

Applies to: Nerdio Manager for MSP (NMM) v3.0.0+


While Windows 365 Enterprise is recommended for larger organizations, Windows 365 Business is the version of Windows 365 specifically targeted at smaller companies (up to 300 seats). Microsoft’s Windows 365 cloud PC securely streams your personalized Windows desktop, apps, content, settings from the Microsoft cloud to any device using the Windows 365 web client. Let us briefly look at both the flavors of Windows 365 Cloud PC licenses.

Note: Nerdio will bill you for both Enterprise and Business Cloud PCs.

Windows 365 Enterprise

Refer Setting up cloud PCs for end-users KB article to learn how to provision a Windows 365 Enterprise Cloud PC desktop.

In this article, we will focus on how to provision a Windows Business Cloud PC desktop and the operations you can perform on them.

Windows 365 Business

Provisioning a Windows 365 Business Cloud PC desktop

You can provision a new Windows 365 Business Cloud PC in three easy steps:

  1. Buy a Windows 365 Business license. You can do this through a distributor, or you can do this directly through the Microsoft 365 admin center.
  2. Assign Windows 365 Business license to a user through the NMM portal. Let us look at the detailed steps:
    1. First you will need to enable Windows 365 Business setting in an existing account. Go to Settings > Integrations>Windows 365 tab, navigate to Desktop deployments tile. Select "Windows 365 Business Cloud PC (Self-managed)" checkbox:Win365_business_option.pngOn the confirmation pop-up, select OK button:Win365_business_confirm_action_popup.png
    2. You can verify whether the pre-requisites for "Windows 365 Business" license are met on Azure portal as follows: Sign-in to the Azure portal for your account's Azure tenant. Navigate to Azure Active Directory> Licenses blade and look for "Windows 365 Business Cloud PC" licenses:Licenses_present_in_Nerdio_Foxtrot_tenant.pngWhile still signed into the Azure portal, navigate to "Device settings " screen, and check whether "Users may join devices to Azure AD" setting is set to "All" by default:Device_settings_foxtrot_tenant.png
    3. Back on the NMM portal, navigate to the Users screen and select a user. Expand action menu and select Microsoft 365 menu optionAmol_user_action_menu.png
    4. On Microsoft 365 licenses pop-up, select "Windows 365 Business" license checkbox and click Confirm button:M365_licenses_add_for_amol_user.png
    5. Once the license assignment task completes, you will find that "Windows 365 Business" license is assigned to the selected user:Amol_assigned_Win365_business_license.png
  3. Once Windows 365 Business license is assigned to the user, you will have a Cloud PC created for that user, which they can then use their Azure Active Directory credentials to login to.
    1. Go to to login to Cloud PC (you will need to know the username and password for user that you assigned Windows 365 Business license to):Login_to_CPC_desktop.png
    2. You can access your Cloud PC Business desktop:User_logged_into_CPC_desktop.png

Managing Windows 365 Business CPC desktops

Once Windows 365 Business license is assigned to the user, you will have a Cloud PC created for that user. You can perform the following operations on them:

  • Reprovisioning your Cloud PC: Navigate to the Users page of your account and select a user with Cloud PC desktop. Expand the corresponding Desktops action menu and click Reprovision option to reset or reprovision your Cloud PC:
  • Changing "Organization level" settings: These are "global" settings. Any new Cloud PCs that are provisioned will be provisioned with the settings you set on the Organization settings tile. Navigate to Settings>Windows 365>Organization settings tile. On the Edit Organization setting pop-up, change the account type to either standard user/local admin and change the OS version As Windows 10/11:Org_settings.png

  • Changing the user type (standard/local admin): This is a desktop-level setting. The change you make here will affect that one Cloud PC only. Navigate to the Users page of your account and select a user with CPC desktop. Expand the corresponding Desktops action menu and click Change account type option. On the pop-up, select either option standard user/local admin:Change_account_type_Amol_Business_CPC_user_option_available.png


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