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VM server logs

Applies to: Nerdio Manager for MSP (NMM) v2.2+

When tracking down failures with desktop image or session host management tasks, important clues for root-cause can be found in the VM's server logs. These VM server logs are made available in Nerdio Manager. This eliminates the need to remote in to the VM and download logs, dramatically reducing the time and frustration in getting to the logs.

VM server logs in task log entries

On the task details pop-up, steps such as AD join, Remove users from temp VM, and sysprep will show a button to download VM logs when the step has failed.

Locate a task such as Power off and set as image. Click the Details link for the task. In the pop-up, scroll down to the step where you can request logs. For example, in this screenshot we can request logs for the following two steps:


Click the button to request logs. For example, click the button Request Remove users logs in screenshot above. Nerdio Manager will initiate the process to download logs from VM. This process can take a few minutes.


Once complete, the button will now say Download logs. Click the button to download a zip file. Unzip file to retrieve the log file(s).

VM server logs for an individual session host

Login to an account and navigate to AVD > Host Pools. Locate the host pool you want to work on. From the action menu click Manage hosts. Next, locate the session host you want to work on. From the action menu click Request logs


On the pop-up, select the logs you want to download. Click OK.


A task to download the logs will be logged. You can monitor progress from the Host Pool tasks section.


Once the task completes, click Details. On the pop-up scroll down to the step where you can download logs by clicking the Download logs button. A zip file with all selected logs will be downloaded to your computer.



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