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Overview of Desktop Images for cloud PC

Applies to: Nerdio Manager for MSP (NMM) v2.0+

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The Desktop images module allows you to manage desktop images in your NMM customer accounts. This KB article describes how to use the module for creating and managing images for cloud PCs. For a complete overview of Desktop images, see this KB article.

To create a cloud PC for a user, Microsoft needs a template to create the cloud PC from. This template is called a desktop image. It must be specified in a cloud PC Provisioning policy. Every provisioning policy brings together a Network Connection and optionally a group so that Microsoft knows how to AD-join a cloud PC that it is provisioning from the desktop image.

Creating cloud PC ready desktop images

With NMM you can create Desktop images that are used only for AVD desktops or for both - AVD and cloud PCs. In order to indicate to NMM that a desktop image can be used for cloud PCs, you must check a box called "Enable for cloud PCs" when you add the desktop image:


Alternatively, you can click the button "Enable cloud PC" for an existing desktop image that is not yet enabled for cloud PC:


Nerdio Tip The process of a enabling a desktop image to be a cloud PC ready image is fairly complicated and time consuming. It takes a a considerable amount of time to upload the cloud PC image to Intune and make it available to Microsoft to use for cloud PCs.


Managing cloud PC desktop images

After updating a desktop image to the latest version of Windows or other such tasks, you must "Power off and set as image" to bake in the latest changes to the desktop image. For cloud PC ready images, NMM will upload a new version of the desktop image to Intune and display the updated version number of the image. For example, in this screenshot we see that the version number for the image is v2.0.0:


A cloud PC ready desktop image functions similar to the traditional AVD-only desktop image. For more details on how to manage desktop images, see this KB article. You can remove the cloud PC readiness of a desktop image by clicking the Disable cloud PC button. Note that disabling cloud PC or deleting the desktop image does not remove the image from Intune.


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