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Overview of Cost Estimator

Applies to: Nerdio Manager for MSP (NMM) partners

As the name suggests, the Cost Estimator (CE) allows you as a MSP to estimate your customers' costs of running AVD environments using Nerdio. The Cost Estimator is a calculator that asks a series of questions and generates an estimate based on the information entered. The estimate includes a detailed breakdown of the costs.

The following areas are covered by the Cost Estimator and included in the estimate that is generated:

  1. AVD desktops and Cloud PCs - personal desktops, pooled desktops, desktops that require GPU cores. When adding a host pool, the system defaults to E4s_v5:mceclip4.png
  2. Server VMs - virtual machines you will run in the customer's environment. These are VMs besides the VMs that are needed for serving AVD desktops. For example, if customer has a need to host QuickBooks or need to run SQL Server on a VM. You can add multiple data disks for each server VM you add:mceclip2.png
  3. Software licensing - Microsoft 365, Windows 10 and SQL Server software licenses.
  4. Azure Hybrid Benefit and Reserved Instances - ways to save on costs of consuming compute resources in Azure. Olders versions of NMM use Windows Server 2016 licenses for AHB; starting with NMM v3.2 we use Windows Server 2022's pricing for AHB.
  5. Backup - this includes backup of servers, AVD desktops and Azure file shares. We include costs of backing up the minimum session hosts (the ones that will be on all the time) even when FSLogix storage is set to 0 GB and there are no servers. Also, previously, the system calculated average backup costs for 10 years. Starting with NMM v3.2, users can select the duration of 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, 7 years or 10 years. The default will be 1 year:mceclip6.png
  6. VPN - A site-to-site VPN if one is needed between Azure and on-prem location.
  7. Hosting costs - for running NMM portal in your (MSP's) Azure environment.
  8. Azure AD DS - Managed domain service from Azure.
  9. FSLogix profiles - storage costs of profile containers for AVD desktop users.
  10. Bandwidth - data egress costs.
  11. Storage operations - for S and E class storage.
  12. Discounts - CSP discounts available to you from your distributor or Azure provider.
  13. Region - Azure resource costs vary by region.
  14. Currency - the currency in which you charge your customer. Note: The default region and currency are displayed at the top of the estimate:Default_region_currency.PNG
Nerdio Tip The minimum Nerdio license cost is USD 60, irrespective of the type of deployment (AVD or Cloud PC or AVD+Cloud PC). Also, NMM allows MSPs to generate pricing for zero desktops or "Servers only" environments. For "Servers only" environments, the Nerdio pricing will be displayed in "price per month" instead of "per user per month" pricing:CE_zero_desktops.png
Note: You can view Nerdio costs breakdown in a tooltip in the Costs section at the very top of the screen:

Once you have generated an estimate, you can:

  1. Go back and tweak the inputs to generate a new estimate.
  2. Save it to a library of estimates to come back to the estimate in the future. Scroll to the very bottom of the results page to click Save button.
  3. Print the estimate. The system will generate a PDF version of the information you see on screen. You can then print the PDF file.
  4. Navigate to the library of saved estimates to work on other estimates.
  5. If you are working on a previously saved estimate, you will also be able to clone the estimate by clicking the "Save as" button.

Estimates library

Once you have navigated to the Estimates library, you will see a list of any previously saved estimates:


You can search for estimates from the Search section:

  1. By estimates' name
  2. By estimates' description
  3. By estimates' created date or last modified date 

You can take the following actions on an estimate from the action menu:

  1. View - loads the saved estimate in to the Cost Estimator. You can now tweak the information you have entered and view detailed results.
  2. Print - generates a PDF version of the detailed estimate. You can then print the PDF file.
  3. Edit - allows you to change the name and description of estimate.
  4. Clone - creates a duplicate of the currently saved estimate.
  5. Pin- allows you to mark an estimate. All pinned estimates will be displayed at the top of the page:Pinned_estimate.PNG
  6. Export - generates a CSV file with a list of Azure and Microsoft resources in the estimate.
  7. Delete - destroys the estimate and removes it permanently from the estimate library. It is not possible to recover a deleted estimate.

You can start a brand new estimate by clicking the "Add estimate" button. This will you take to the Cost Estimator page where you will need to enter information to generate a new estimate.

There are two important settings that allow you to control your Cost Estimator experience. Click the "Settings" icon to reveal these options:

  1. Show mine only - this lets you control if you view estimates that have been saved by others in your organization.
  2. Default to manage - this lets you control if you are taken to the library or to the CE page when you click "Cost Estimator" from the main menu.
  3. Default Azure region -this option lets you modify the default Azure region, the default option being South Central US.
  4. Default Azure currency-this option lets you modify the default Azure currency, the default option being USD.


Note: Previously, navigating to the Cost Estimator always brought up the estimator. Starting with NMM v3.2, the user will be taken to the View estimates screen if there are any previously saved estimates. This behavior can be changed by switching Default to manage to Off.

Nerdio Tip The estimates that you save to the library are accessible to everyone in your organization that has access to the Cost Estimator. That includes users with the role MSP Admin, MSP Billing Admin, and MSP Sales. They will not be shown your estimates by default unless they disable the setting "Show mine only".


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Important Notification for NFA Partners Only
  • Microsoft is sunsetting Azure Classic (not Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)) - Microsoft Article
  • NFA sunset occurs February 20th, 2023
  • NFA will be fully supported until the official sunset -


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