Customer Deployment Paths

Applies to: Nerdio Manager for MSP (NMM) 

Version : 2.0.0 and greater

Goal : Understanding the four customer deployment scenarios and their prerequisites 

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1. Greenfield Deployment in 60 Minutes or Less

Here, we assume that there is no footprint in Azure whatsoever and you are starting from scratch. When starting greenfield, Nerdio Manager for MSP (NMM) will create a new all-PaaS environment combined with Windows Virtual Desktop, plus various AVD supported services.

NMM will start by creating a new Azure Active Directory Domain Services, followed by a VNet, as you can see on the image below.

Next, the actual domain comes into play and a file share based on Azure Files technology, another native Azure service, will be created as well. Last but not least, NMM will create a fully operational AVD deployment including a Workspace, one or more hostpools, and virtual machine hosts.

2. Landing Zone in 30 Minutes or Less

Let’s assume that there is a landing zone consisting out of a traditional Active Directory or an Azure Active Directory Domain Services in place already. NMM would then be able to leverage the existing identifiy provider and (re)use any existing resource groups and networks available. Next, NMM provisions a new Azure Files-based file share and finally NMM will build a AVD environment just as in the greenfield example above.


3. Existing IaaS in 10 Minutes or Less

In this situation, most of the groundwork needed to run Azure virtual machines and AVD hosts is already in place. Here, NMM is able to (re)use the existing identity provider, it being a traditional Active Directory or Azure Active Directory Domain Services, just as in the previous example. It will also be able to leverage an existing VNet and file storage. And just like before, NMM will build a fully operational AVD environment just as in the greenfield and landing zone examples earlier, taking only a few minutes.


4. Existing AVD Deployment in 10 Minutes or Less

This is where NMM is a direct overlay on top of an existing AVD environment combined with identity, networking, file storage, resource groups, and any other type of virtual machines or services that might already be part of the Azure deployment.

Within minutes NMM adds an impressive set of features and management capabilities aimed at optimizing, fine tuning, and enhancing AVD and other types of IaaS based Azure virtual machines – see the “The true added value” section below as well.

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