Understanding FSLogix in NMM

Applies to: Nerdio Manager for MSP (NMM) 

Version : 0.5.0 and greater

Disclaimer : Nerdio Manager for MSP is an automation and management solution. NMM Partners are responsible for understanding, and managing Microsoft Identity Services and Azure Resources. For Identity and Azure support, please contact your Distributor or Microsoft directly.

In this guide we will discuss: Implementation and best practices regarding Microsoft FSLogix Profile Container Solution.

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FSLogix Profile Container consists of two components:

  1. Installation of FSLogix application (https://aka.ms/fslogix_download)
  2. Configuration of FSLogix via GPO or registry (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/fslogix/profile-container-configuration-reference)

Nerdio Manager will automatically install FSLogix application, by default, when creating new session host VMs or re-imaging existing one.  This setting can be controlled at the host pool level:


Setting "USE FSLOGIX PROFILES" to OFF will not install FSLogix app automatically when new hosts are created or re-imaged.

The FSLogix Registry Options section can be modified to have Nerdio Manager include FSLogix profile container registry values when hosts are created or re-imaged.

  • DWORD values can be added with the following format:
    • "ValueName":dword:ValueData (example: "ProfileType"=dword:00000003)
  • String values can be added with the following format:
    • "ValueName":"ValueData" (example: "VolumeType":"vhdx")

These values are added under the HKLM\SOFTWARE\FSLogix\Profiles key. See the above link for Microsoft's documentation on FSLogix profile container registry reference.


One common configuration scenario is to allow Nerdio Manager to fully handle FSLogix installation and configuration.  This is the default use-case and the following is true:

  • FSLogix Profiles path is configured in Nerdio Manager under the SETTINGS page and/or at each host pool, as in the screenshot above.
  • FSLogix apps is NOT installed on the desktop image
  • FSLogix registry settings are NOT set on the desktop image
  • There are no GPOs in the environments controlling FSLogix configuration

The alternative to the above, default method is to manage FSLogix installation and configuration manually instead of allowing Nerdio Manager to do it.  In this scenario, the following must be true:

  • "USE FSLOGIX PROFILES" setting must be set to OFF on all host pools
  • FSLogix application must be installed on the desktop image
  • FSLogix configuration must be applied either via registry on the desktop image or with GPO

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