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Overview of Groups in Nerdio Manager for MSP (NMM)

Applies to: Nerdio Manager for MSP (NMM)


In this article, we will cover:


The Groups page

To manage Groups in NMM, first enter a customer account then click on Groups in the left menu.



You can search for a group by name or email, and filter groups by type or desktop assignment.


Add a Group

To add a new group, click the Add Group button in the lower right corner. Only Microsoft 365 groups and Security groups can be created or edited in NMM. 


Group Type:

  • Microsoft 365 group (formerly Office 365 group): used for email and collaboration between users, both inside and outside your company.
  • Security group: Used for granting access to resources, such as AVD desktops

Name: Provide a name for the group

Privacy (Microsoft 365 group): Select Public to create a Microsoft 365 group where the group content is publicly visible. Select Private to ensure that only group members can view the group content.

Teams (Microsoft 365 group): Select Yes to create a team for your Microsoft 365 group. To create a team, this group needs to have at least one owner, and all owners must have a license that includes ‎Teams

Email Address (Microsoft 365 group): Specify the email address for your Microsoft 365 group

Members: Add users to the group

Owners: Designate an owner for the group


Assigning a Group to an AVD Desktop Pool or RemoteApp Pool

To assign a group to an AVD desktop pool, the group must be a security group or mail-enabled security group. Use the "Show by type" filters to see the eligible groups.


Click the drop-down arrow to the right of a security group and click Manage desktops or Mange RemoteApps



Type the name of a host pool or select it from the list to assign the group to that host pool



Edit a Group

To edit a group, click the Edit button next to an existing group in the list of groups. Only Microsoft 365 groups and Security groups can be created or edited in NMM. 



Delete a Group

To delete a group, click the drop-down arrow next to the group and select Delete.


You will be asked to confirm the deletion of the group.

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Important Notification for NFA Partners Only
  • Microsoft is sunsetting Azure Classic (not Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)) - Microsoft Article
  • NFA sunset occurs February 20th, 2023
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