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Prerequisites for GoLive Engineering with NFA

Applies to distributor partners who have purchased Nerdio for Azure (NFA) through a Nerdio CSP distributor partner. 

Prerequisites to be completed prior to engaging with a Nerdio GLE 

  • Office 365 tenant and Azure subscription has been procured and partner has control of those accounts
    • M365 or Windows 10 Ent licenses are available
  • Nerdio Account has been provisioned and has an account number 5XXX-9XXX [link]
  • Domain default has been set in the account [video]
  • A partner admin has been created with Domain Admin privileges [link]
  • Partner has assumed control over SafeDNS (password has been reset by the partner) [link]
  • Backups are turned on for the account with at least one backup prior to any changes [link]
    • Backups will fire automatically the first morning after being enabled
  • Time zone for backups has been set (turned on)
  • Golden image and templates have been explained to partners [link]
    • Don’t touch Golden Image if there are no personal desktops
  • RMM and AV installations have been explained to partners [link]
    • Don’t install on templates as it will cause sysprep errors
    • Startup scripts or GPO installations to be managed by the partner
  • Delete unneeded sample user accounts (after the partner domain admin has been created) [link]
  • If a VPN tunnel is going to be needed that feature should be enabled [video]
    • VPN does not need to be configured (it does need to be enabled)
    • Partner should have the remote site(s) public IP(s) and internal LAN address(es)

Nerdio GLE Scope of Work - Partner engagements will occur between the hours of 8:00a CT to 5:00p CT:

  • Nerdio Orchestration and best practices
  • Host and Golden Image/Template management
  • VPN Configuration
    • Including IKEv1 vs IKEv2
  • Office installation knowledge transfer (Nerdio to provide KBs)
  • Nerdio pool management and optimization features
  • Azure VM series evaluation and configuration
  • FSLogix review and walk through from Nerdio orchestration
  • User imports using Nerdio

NOT included in the GLE scope of work:

  • Items typically past the Windows login
  • PowerShell execution
  • Line of Business (LOB) applications
  • Completing or performing the work itself (partners typically share their screen and the GLE will provide direction)
  • Training - GLE scope is limited to this customer engagement\account and the items\tasks required to go live
  • Third party vendor support – outside applications, hardware, SaaS, PaaS will be supported by the third party (typically the billing party)
    • GLE will signal or recommend any escalation to third parties
  • Azure features outside of the Nerdio feature set (i.e. P2S, Azure Migrate, Azure Site Recovery)
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Important Notification for NFA Partners Only
  • Microsoft is sunsetting Azure Classic (not Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)) - Microsoft Article
  • NFA sunset occurs February 20th, 2023
  • NFA will be fully supported until the official sunset -


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