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Overview of Users in NMM

Applies to: Nerdio Manager for MSP (NMM)



The Users page allows you to manage Azure AD users. You can assign Microsoft 365 licenses, reset passwords, assign users to groups, assign to AVD desktops, shadow user sessions, etc. 

Use the Search fields and "Filter by" checkboxes to display users. 




Assign Desktops

Click on the Desktops button to the right of a user to assign them to a AVD desktop



Clicking in the text field will display a list of available desktops. Type in the field to filter the list.





Other functions

Click the drop-down arrow next to Desktops to access other user functions, detailed below.




If you have RemoteApp host pools, you may assign them to the user. The process is similar to assigning a user to a desktop.



AppAttach apps

If you have created and published AppAttach apps, you may assign them to a user here.


Microsoft 365

Use this option to assign Microsoft 365 licenses to a user.



Login to Desktop

If the user is assigned to a desktop, this button displays instructions for logging into the desktop.




Use this to assign users to groups and view their current group membership.




If the user has an active desktop session, this will allow you to shadow their session. This allows helpdesk and administrators to help users remotely by viewing or taking control of the user's session.

Click on Shadow to see the configuration options. 


Copy the command shown, and run it on a desktop that has network access to the host the user is logged into.



Send a message to be displayed on the user's desktop.



Log the user out of the desktop.



Disconnect the user's session.


Disable login

Disable the user's login. 


Reset password

Reset the user's password



Edit the user's name, email address, phone number, and UPN.




The user account is soft-deleted. It is automatically removed from groups, M365 assignment, desktops/app, etc.


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Important Notification for NFA Partners Only
  • Microsoft is sunsetting Azure Classic (not Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)) - Microsoft Article
  • NFA sunset occurs February 20th, 2023
  • Only new account creation will be unavailable on November 30th 2022
  • NFA will be fully supported until the official sunset -


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