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How to customize address (URL) of Nerdio Manager for MSP

To add a custom domain to Nerdio Manager for MSP

  1. Navigate to the NMM App Service in your Azure subscription. It will be called web-admin-portal-xxxx.
  2. In the menu on the left, choose "Custom domains" mceclip1.png
  3. Copy the app service's default domain (for example
  4. Create a new CNAME record in your domain's public DNS zone for the custom domain you want to add. (For example, This CNAME record should point to the existing app's URL with the following configurations:
    • Record Type: CNAME
    • Name: <>
    • Value: <the app service default URL>
    • TTL: 1800 (or your preferred default)
  5. After the DNS record is created, click the "+" button labeled "Add custom domain" in the app service. mceclip2.png
  6. Enter your custom domain and click "Validate" button. If the CNAME record was recently created, you may need to wait 1-2 minutes before validation succeeds.
  7. After validation succeeds, click the "Add custom domain" button to finish adding the domain.
  8. To ensure traffic to the new domain is secure, click "Add binding" under SSL binding:
  9. Click "Upload PFX Certificate" to provide the export of your certificate file:
  10. You may also purchase an SSL certificate through Azure, by navigating to the App Service's TLS/SSL Settings and selecting "Buy Certificate" mceclip2.png
  11. Once the certificate is uploaded, associate the new domain to the certificate and click "Add Binding" button: 
  12. Now navigate to Azure Active Directory -> App Registrations and find the web admin portal application.  If the Web Admin Portal (web-admin-portal-xxxx) application is not shown, ensure "All Applications" is clicked.  This screen may default to "Owned Applications".
  13. In the menu on the left, select the "Authentication" tab.
  14. Under Redirect URIs, do not remove the original URL, but do add URIs for your custom domain, e.g.: if you do not see the Redirect URIs section, click "Add a platform" and select "Web." Then add the necessary Redirect URIs.
  15. Click "Save" option
  16. Navigate back to the NMM App Service in your Azure subscription. It will be called web-admin-portal-xxxx.
  17. Click on Configuration, then Application Settingsmceclip0.png
  18. Find the setting for Deployment:WebAppUrl and change it to your custom domain (without the trailing slash)mceclip4.png
  19. Click OK
  20. Verify that your custom domain for NMM works by navigating to https://<your custom domain>/
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Important Notification for NFA Partners Only
  • Microsoft is sunsetting Azure Classic (not Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)) - Microsoft Article
  • NFA sunset occurs February 20th, 2023
  • NFA will be fully supported until the official sunset -


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