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Update NMM app

Applies to: Nerdio Manager for MSP (NMM)

As an admin, you can view the current version of the web app through "Updates" screen. To navigate to the "Updates" screen, login to your NMM install with your credentials and select "Updates" tab from the main menu:


You will be able to view the currently deployed version of the app, along with the release date. Below that you can view the history of app releases along with other details, such as:

  • Version number
  • Release notes
  • Release date and
  • Status

To deploy latest version of the app, click Deploy button and follow instructions on-screen:




Will updating NMM interrupt currently active sessions or kick off users?

No. The update process only affects the NMM App Service. User sessions are handled by the AVD service, which is managed and hosted separately by Microsoft. The only interruptions that will occur affect the Nerdio management console, and the auto-scale automation will be unable to perform actions during the update process.

How long does the update process take? 

The process generally takes about five minutes. Note that all actions are performed in Azure.

Can I skip over versions when updating?

Yes, it is safe to skip minor update versions. For instance: Updating from 2.2.0 to 2.6.0 is supported.

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Important Notification for NFA Partners Only
  • Microsoft is sunsetting Azure Classic (not Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)) - Microsoft Article
  • NFA sunset occurs February 20th, 2023
  • NFA will be fully supported until the official sunset -


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