Items to complete prior to a GLE Kickoff

There are multiple moving parts in play whenever Nerdio and a partner put their heads together and focus on a project.  To ensure a successful kickoff Nerdio advises that the steps below be completed in order.  


Let's break this down into three simple phases



1. Office 365 tenant and Azure Subscription have been procured and partner has Global Admin and Ownership rights with M365 or Win 10 licensing.



2. Setup Internal Access for any additional Nerdio Admin Portal Users



  1. Nerdio Account will have been provisioned by the partner and should have an account number within the range of 5XXX-9XXX



AVD Environment Preparation

1. Set the Domain Default


2. Create a Domain Admin


3. Enable Backups


4. (Optional) Delete Demo Users


5. (Optional) Enable VPN




Additional Education

1. AVD NFA Architecture Review


2. FSLogix Overview


3. Accessing and Managing Safe DNS

Nerdio KB - Setting up and Gaining Access to the Safe DNS portal


4. Understanding Templates and Sysprep




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