Accelerate Stories - AVD Guide

Welcome to "Accelerate Stories - AVD Guide"

The goal of this guide is to compile multiple videos and articles explaining Microsoft's AVD technology and how it works within a NFA environment.

Topics Covered

What is AVD and NFA?


AVD Architecture Review


AVD Licensing Review

AVD Licensing Explained

FSLogix Overview


B Series VMs


Understanding Desktop Templates

Golden Image Template Best Practices

Understanding Sysprep

Understanding AVD Pools(Many to Many)

AVD Pools Explained


Creating a AVD Pool


Managing and Troubleshooting AVD Pools

Auto Scale and AVD Pools

AVD Pools - Remote Apps


AVD Dedicated Desktops(1:1)

Creating a AVD Dedicated Desktop


Managing a AVD Dedicated Desktop


AVD Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks



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