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Accelerate with Nerdio - WVD Demo in a Day

Welcome to Accelerate with Nerdio : WVD Demo in a Day. 


The Goal with this guide is to compile all the needed articles and videos to take you through provisioning and demoing a Nerdio for Azure Enterprise WVD account without any impact on existing production environment.


Here are the top level goals

  1. Prerequisites for Provisioning
  2. Provisioning
  3. Demo the new Environment

Prerequisites for Provisioning

Provisioning a NFA WVD account

  1. Provisioning an Account
  2. NFA WVD Architecture

Provisioning Guide


NFA WVD Architecture Review


Demo the new environment

Setting the Default Domain


Active Directory Federation Services (PRX01)


Creating a Domain Admin


Connecting to the Domain Controller (DC01)


Creating Demo Users


Enable Backups


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