Accelerate Stories : AVD Provisioning and Demo Guide

Welcome to Accelerate with Nerdio : AVD Demo in a Day. 

The goal with this guide is to compile all the needed articles and videos to take you through provisioning and demoing a Nerdio for Azure Enterprise AVD account without any impact on existing production environment.



  1. Prerequisites for Provisioning
  2. Provisioning
  3. Demo the new Environment

Prerequisites for Provisioning

Provisioning a NFA AVD account

  1. Provisioning an Account
  2. NFA AVD Architecture

Provisioning Guide


NFA AVD Architecture Review


Demo the new environment

Setting the Default Domain

Goal - Establish default UNC and SMTP Addressing for users


Active Directory Federation Services (PRX01)

Goal - Determine if Federation is needed/used in your environment

Creating a Domain Admin

Goal - Create the Super User for managing the new environment


Connecting to the Domain Controller (DC01)


Creating Demo Users

Goal - Create any temporary users for testing the new environment


Enable Backups

Goal - Configure Azure Backup features


Login as Demo Users

Goal - Connect to AVD as a demo user


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