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Updating WVD to Windows 2004 ***

***Article Formally Titled: WVD Windows 10 Ent Update to 2004 - ***Alert***

Applies to NFA WVD Only


We have found in several tests that the following process performed on your WVD Pool template and/or Golden Image (WVDSH00) has allowed successful deployments of hosts and dedicated WVD instances to Windows 2004 in Nerdio for Azure Environments.   

Here's those steps:

1.  Ensure a backup of the WVD Pool template or Golden Image (WVDSH00) has been taken
2.  Run all updates on the template/Golden Image including the Win10 2004 update and verify there are no pending updates completing by restarting the VM. 
3.  From an elevated command prompt run "winrm quickconfig".  Here's that output:

4.  Reboot VM

5.  Shutdown the template/Golden Image via the NAP to set as image 

Your image should now have the Win10 2004 update installed


Please note that there have been some known sysprep errors regarding Microsoft packages and the 2004 update.  Please see this thread for details if you run into a sysprep error setting your image:


Here's a summary of those steps from the link above that can be run on your template if you are running into a sysprep error, PLEASE VERIFY A BACKUP HAS BEEN TAKEN OF YOUR TEMPLATE OR GOLDEN IMAGE:

1.  Download the AppxDBEditor tool to the Template/Golden Image to C:\temp and extract this
2.   Edit the AppxDBditor AppxPackageList.txt to target the following packages:
     # Modern UI Dialog-App for entering Japanese Characters

     # App to project the Screen to a Wireless Display

     # Cortana

3.  Run the AppxDBEditor.cmd
    -  "M" is the option to modify these packages

4. Open a powershell command line as administrator
5. Run each of the following to remove the packages:
- Remove-AppxPackage -AllUser -Package *Input*
- Remove-AppxPackage -AllUser -Package *PPip*
- Remove-AppxPackage -AllUser -Package *cortana*

6.  Power down template to set as image

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