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Nerdio Deployment Packet

Welcome and congratulations on taking the first steps toward creating an Azure Practice.

The articles below are designed to guide you through the provisioning process, post-provisioning configuration, data migration, unique use case setups, and some troubleshooting techniques to employ with your cloud environment. 


Provisioning Best Practice & Prerequisites

In setting you up for success, you must read and understand the following 3 articles. Having a working understanding of this content is essential for your overall deployment success. Once you've consumed the 3 articles, you'll be ready to proceed to the fourth article which covers the provisioning process.

Provisioning is straight forward - There are a few things to keep in mind before getting started. The article below walks you through best practices and prerequisites that must be considered. 

Tips for Provisioning a New Nerdio For Azure (NFA) Account

Configuring Your New Environment

The configuration stage can be broken down into manageable chunks. This next article will walk you through the First 7 Things to configure in your new environment. These are essential and in sequential order. Paying close attention to the steps in this article is important to ensure a successful deployment.

First 7 Things To Configure In a New NFA Account

Data Migration

Data migration is a critical piece of every deployment. Nerdio makes this simple with it's Data Mirroring tool. As long as you have a VPN connection setup between Azure and the data source, a data mirroring job makes the data migration process simple and easy. 

Unique Cases

The following articles walk you through unique environment configurations that may be necessary for some deployments. 

  • Pursuing a Hybrid AD solution? Please contact support to discuss the details.
  • Adding additional Subnets or modifying existing Firewall rules.
  • Connect a Third-Party Firewall
  • Making Bulk User Changes - Such as password updates, WVD pool assignment, license adjustments, etc. 
  • Setting up a standard Site-to-Site VPN that supports IKEv2 or one that supports IKEv1 (Ex: common with Meraki devices)


Due to the relative newness of WVD, the global archives (a.k.a. Google) have minimal information around troubleshooting a WVD environment. The below articles explain some good techniques for troubleshooting, along with best practices for optimizing performance.


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