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Configuring Nerdio Firewall Settings

Configuring firewall settings via Nerdio is quite easy. The instructions below will walk you through the process.

How It's done

  1.  Navigate to, login to the account and select the desired account and then go to Network>Firewall


  2.  Once there you have the option of modifying or adding Firewall Rules for LAN & DMZ, along with setting Public IP's & tracking Firewall Management Tasks. To make an addition simply select "Add Rule" or "Add IP"  

  3. From there you can specify the appropriate parameters and select "Save" to submit.

Final Note

The Firewall tab in Nerdio is actually pointing to the Network Security Group (NSG) in Azure. We call it "Firewall" due to the parity between functions and the established understanding around the terminology.  


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