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Soft Delete considerations when moving subscription to a new CSP

Applies to: Nerdio for Azure (NFA) Professional and Enterprise users only. Core User Only.

Refer this KB article to determine which type of user you are.

When you are moving a subscription to a new CSP, you may be asked by the new CSP or Microsoft to delete backups before moving your infrastructure. They may ask you to follow the instructions below:

To ensure a smooth move, it is important you are aware of Microsoft's soft delete protection on Azure backups.

Soft Delete Protection

This article from Microsoft provides information about soft delete.

Basically, this is a 14-day "recycle bin" for backup data, without the option to empty the bin.

By default, any attempt at deleting a backed-up virtual machine, or it's backup data, will result in a 14-day soft delete delay, allowing the account owner 2 weeks to restore the data. With soft delete enabled, there is no way to fully delete soft deleted data other than to wait out the 14 days. 

Nerdio suggests you perform one of these two approaches to prevent this delay before your move to a new CSP:

  • Open a ticket with Microsoft BEFORE deleting your VM/data, requesting that the soft delete is omitted for the VM/backup you wish to remove. We have seen this approach to be effective.

  • Disable soft delete: Microsoft recently allowed Backup Administrators to enable or disable soft delete protections. After disabling, deletions will be instant and non-recoverable. 
    • Data already in the 14-day soft delete period will NOT be removed when this setting is changed. You will have to restore the data, and delete it again, after disabling soft delete, in order to remove the data.
    • It is important to note that this feature is set per-vault --- so all backups within that vault would now be subject to instant deletion without the chance of recovery. We recommend you only temporarily disable soft delete, and immediately re-enable when your work is complete. 

  • To enable or disable soft delete, follow these steps:

    1. In the Azure portal, go to your vault, and then go to Settings -> Properties.
    2. In the properties pane, select Security Settings -> Update.
    3. In the security settings pane, under Soft Delete, select Enable or Disable.

    Disable soft delete

    More information is available here, including how to do the same via Powershell. 

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