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Do I need to have a Nerdio account to use the mobile app?

Applies to: Nerdio Mobile app users only

To use Nerdio Portal, you must have an active Nerdio for Azure account and must be certain user roles.

The below user roles have full access to the mobile app:

  • Partner Admin, Partner Tier 2 Support.
  • Distributor Admin, Distributor Tier 2 Support.


The below user roles have limited access to the mobile app. The users can access all modules except Servers. 

  • Partner Tier 1 Support 
  • Distributor Tier 1 Support 


The below user roles have no access to the mobile app: 

  • Partner Billing Admin
  • Distributor Billing Admin


Please contact us if you would like a free trial or to sign up as a Nerdio for Azure partner.


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