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How do I look up Logs information?

Applies to: Nerdio Mobile app users only

About Logs

Viewing logs in Nerdio Portal is a similar experience to viewing logs on the web portal, but the mobile app focuses on management tasks information and status filtering. Logs generate and maintain an audit trail of user, group, shared mailbox, and server management tasks.


Accessing Logs

Follow the steps below to navigate to the "Logs" section of your Nerdio mobile app:

1. Log in to Nerdio mobile app with your NAP credentials.

2. Select an account on Accounts screen (i.e. 5300).

3. Tap Logs in the main menu.



Exploring Logs

You can view various management tasks along with their statuses on the Logs screen. Logs in the mobile app show the same data you can see in Logs on Nerdio Admin Portal web application. The tasks operated most recently appear towards the top of the log trail. In addition to viewing Logs in descending chronological order, you can also filter or search within Logs for specific tasks.



Searching Logs

You can enter User or Description information in the search field to perform a search within Logs.



Filtering Logs

Tap on the Filter icon to expand or collapse Logs filter by task status. There are four task statuses: Complete, In progress, Error and Pending. 

For example, you may want to review tasks that are in Error state to find out why they failed.

You can tap on the status "Error" to filter and narrow down Logs results to all tasks that have errored out:


From the "Logs" section, you can click on the Menu icon on the top left corner and go back to the main menu to explore other features of the app.


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