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What are the differences between Nerdio mobile app and our web app?

Applies to: Nerdio Mobile app users only

Nerdio Portal mobile app, which helps MSPs to execute common IT management tasks on the go, is a perfect companion to the web version of Nerdio Admin Portal.

The mobile app possesses a similarly clean and simple interface as the web Nerdio Admin Portal, but it does not encompass all the functionalities the web portal has.

Let's dive deeper to compare the two:


Nerdio mobile app

Nerdio web app


Nerdio mobile app is a "Lite" version of Nerdio Admin Portal.

Nerdio web app is a full-fledged version of Nerdio Admin Portal.


Can be accessed through mobile devices only - Phones & Tablets (iOS & Android)

Can be accessed using any web browser


You can manage Users, Groups, Shared Mailboxes and Servers. The "Edit" capability is limited in the mobile app as there're fewer editing fields available.

You can manage Users, Groups, Shared Mailboxes, Servers, Logs, Backups, Networks, Reports, Invoices etc.

While the mobile app doesn't currently include every part of NAP, we plan to add more features in future updates. For edits that you can't make in the app, use the full version of Nerdio Admin Portal on a computer.

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