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How does my mobile app sync with web Nerdio Admin Portal data?

Applies to: Nerdio Mobile app users only

The Nerdio mobile app and the web Nerdio Admin Portal use the same servers and APIs at the backend. So data are always in sync between the web portal and the mobile app as long as you use the same account info to log in.

If you edit your data, this will trigger a synchronization. For example, you intend to archive the user "Sally sales" under account 5299 through the Nerdio mobile app. You can see that the archive task is in progress and that the record is greyed out:


Now log in Nerdio Admin Portal web portal and sign into account 5299. You will find that user record for "Sally sales" is greyed out as well and the Archive User task is still in progress:


Wait for a while for the task to complete. If you enable the option "Show archived users" on NAP, you will be able to see the record for Sally Sales:


If you restore the user "Sally Sales" from the web portal, you will also be able to see that "Sally Sales" user record is restored on the mobile app from the Logs screen. 

If you are not seeing your mobile date syncing with the web portal, please make sure you are logged into the same account on both platforms.





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