Adobe - GPO defaulting to reader

Applies to: Nerdio for Azure (NFA) Professional and Enterprise users only.

Refer this KB article to determine if you are a NFA user.

This applies and is related to the provisioning process for our NFA environments include setting up several default applications and GPOs.

Adobe Reader DC and its role as a default reader in NFA

One of the applications you will see installed on the RDSH01 server is Adobe Reader DC. This is intended to provide a default PDF Viewer for your users without the need for you to install it yourself post provisioning. Along with the application, Nerdio also creates a Group Policy Object (GPO) on your domain controller (DC01) to remove "Protected Mode" from Adobe Reader DC for your users. Protected mode limits the functionality of Adobe Reader until the user clicks a prompt to remove protected mode. The GPO will remove that necessity to ensure full functionality is enabled by default.

In some cases, you may wish to replace Adobe Reader with another PDF solution, including Adobe Acrobat DC. However, after you install another PDF solution, you may find that that even after you set a different solution as the default PDF application, that setting gets reset when the users log out and back in. In order to resolve the issue, You will need to connect to DC01, open group policy management, and disable the Adobe Reader GPO object. This will allow you to set another PDF solution as the default without having it revert back to Adobe Reader DC.

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