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How do I set up security notifications and view security reports?

Applies to: All Nerdio for Azure (NFA) Enterprise and all Nerdio Private Cloud (NPC) customers

Nerdio offers two unique security features in the form of:

  1. Security notifications and
  2. Security reports

by sending emails to your registered email address. With the help of these alerts you can keep track of your accounts' activities and prevent unauthorized access. Read further to explore them.

1. Security notifications

Nerdio sends the following security notifications via email to its users:

  • Nerdio notifications
  • NAP notifications

Let us explore how to enable these notifications and take proactive measures to secure your Nerdio accounts.

Nerdio notifications

Nerdio sends email notifications regarding important activities like:

  • User operations
  • Server operations
  • Network operations
  • Backup operations

You can enable Nerdio notifications via Settings-> Notifications page. From the main menu, expand the Settings menu and then click Notifications tab as shown below: 



You can also choose the recipients who wish to receive these notifications:

  • Partner admin: Click the number next to "Partner admin" to view the actual email addresses 
  • Account IT admin: Click the number next to "Account IT admin" to view actual email addresses as shown below: IT_admin_notify_ids.png
  • Additional email addresses: Once you enable this option, enter additional email addresses separated by commas and click Save button. The recipient(s) will receive an email from Nerdio in the following format (refer screenshot below).



Note: Nerdio notifications will be sent to you and all users that are allowed to log in to NAP

Nerdio Admin Portal (NAP) notifications

You can also enable email notifications from NAP in case of the following events :

  • A new user is added
  • A log in to NAP is attempted using your username

On the Settings-> Notifications page, scroll down to view NAP notifications as shown below:


Note: NAP security notifications will be sent to you and all users that are allowed to login to NAP 

bulletpoint All these security features are optional and you need to enable them explicitly (by moving the slider next to each option to the left) for them to work.

2. Security reports

Generating reports helps you gain crucial business insights and aids decision making. Nerdio Admin Portal (NAP) provides you with a mechanism to generate security reports that help you track various operations on your account.

Let us look at how to access the Reporting module. On the main menu, click Reports tab as shown below:



You will be directed to the Reports page (as shown in screen shot below). You can generate the following reports from NAP Reports modules:

  • User: Contains information about list of all users, their status and login information
  • Email forwarding rules: Contains information about email forwards across all user accounts
  • Inbox rules: Contains information about mailbox rules across all users
  • Server: Contains information about list of all servers, their status and information


Click the actions menu to either View, Schedule or Email each report as shown below:


The View option on the action menu can be used to view existing security reports.

The Run option on the action menu can be used to generate security reports at any given point of time. 

If you click option View next to Email forwards report, you can view the entire report.

Note: Currently there are no records to show. 


Similarly, if you click option View next to Inbox rules report, you can view the entire report. Note: Currently there are no records to show.


The Schedule option on the action menu can be used to:

  • Set the frequency of report generation (daily, weekly or monthly) and
  • Get reports emailed to you


The Email option on action menu can be used to get Security reports emailed to you: 




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