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I want to register RDS licensing

Applies to: Nerdio for Azure (NFA). Does not apply to Nerdio Private Cloud (NPC).

Microsoft's Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA) allows an organization to license Microsoft products and use them to provide software services to its End Customers. You must register RDS licenses under SPLA for Nerdio for Azure (NFA) desktop users.

RDS licensing can be done via an existing RDS license as long as it has active software assurance by leveraging the license mobility benefit of SA.

You can register RDS licensing by logging into DC01, where the RDS licensing role is installed.


You will need to make sure that the user you will log in with to DC01 has Domain Admin rights. Follow these steps to verify -

  1. Log in to Nerdio Admin Portal (NAP) and go to Users.
  2. Locate the user you will use to log in to DC01.
  3. Click the user to launch the Edit User screen.
  4. Verify that "Grant domain admin rights" checkbox is checked. Note that if you don't see the checkbox that means you don't have the rights to view or edit domain admin rights. Please contact support or a member of your team that has the right access level.

Update RDS licensing

First, RDP in to DC01. It's a two step process to RDP in to DC01 as DC01 is not directly accessible from outside the Nerdio network.

  1. In NAP, go to Servers module.
  2. Locate server that is accessible from outside the Nerdio network, such as FS01. Click button "Generate RDP file".
  3. Launch RDP file and remote in to server.
  4. Next, launch remote desktop on the server and remote in to DC01, using the user login credentials as described in Prerequisite above.

Next, open Server Manager on DC01. It is likely it will auto-launch, wait for the Server manager to open.

  1. Select the Tools drop-down, go down to Remote Desktop Services and select Remote Desktop Licensing Manager.
  2. Select Install Licenses and follow on-screen prompts.



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