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Why is the reset desktop option not available?


Every so often you will notice that the "Reset desktop" option is not available for some users.

For most users will see these options:

However, for some users you will notice fewer options:

That's because the user has not logged in yet. As a result a desktop has not been assigned to the user and the options related to desktop management are not available. In this screenshot you can see that the LAST LOGIN information is blank and the desktop name and IP address is not shown:

Contrast the screenshot above with the screenshot below. In the case below, the user has logged in to a desktop and you can see the desktop information. The Reset desktop and Revert desktop options will be available for this user:


In some rare situations you will notice that the LAST LOGIN date and time is provided but the desktop information is missing. This typically happens when the user has logged in to Office 365 directly but has not logged in to the desktop yet. Reset desktop and Revert desktop will not be available for such users. Here's a screenshot of how it looks in NAP for such users:

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