Overview of NAP's user interface


The Nerdio Admin Portal (NAP) user interface has three major areas: a main navigation menu on the left side, a toolbar at the top and the main workspace in the middle.


Main menu

The main navigation menu on the left side allows users to access modules within NAP. Some modules are not available to all users. The list of modules you see in the main menu will vary depending on your access level.

The main menu stays with the user at all times as they navigate around the site. If the user's screen size is below a certain size, the main menu is automatically collapsed to make room for the main workspace.

    Right above the toolbar sits a critical piece of information - the Account ID of the user that's logged in to NAP. Every Nerdio customer is assigned an unique Account ID. This Account ID allows Nerdio superheroes to lookup customer info when they call in for support.



The toolbar runs along the top of the screen and stays with the user as they navigate around the site. Users have access to three main actions -

  Collapse or expand the main menu

  Access the Help site located at https://help.nerdio.net

  Access a personal menu to change their password, manage their profile and log out


Main workspace

The main workspace is the central area of NAP. When a user clicks and selects a module from the main menu, the module is loaded in the main workspace. What the user sees in the main workspace depends on the module the user is working on. Users interact with the main workspace the most while using NAP.


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