How do I lookup information about my servers and manage my servers?


Server management is a breeze in the Nerdio Admin Portal. The "Servers" module in NAP lets you administer your servers.

  1. Log in to Nerdio Admin Portal as an Account Admin or Account IT Admin.
  2. In the left hand menu, click on "Servers".
  3. You will see a two info bars at the very top. They give you a high level overview of available resources. If your security rights allow, you can click the link in the info bars to view additional information.
  4. Below that you will see the "Manage servers" section. This section gives you the ability to administer your servers by performing various tasks -
    1. You can view the server details such as the name, description, OS and IP
    2. You can view the server configuration, including the CPU, memory and storage setup
    3. You can change the server description
    4. You can increase the vCPU and memory allotted to the server by simply changing the values in the respective drop-downs
    5. You can make storage allocation changes across all disk drives attached to the server
    6. You can restart, shutdown or destroy the server
    7. You can setup a new server

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