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What's the difference between reset and revert desktop?

Applies to: NPC desktops and NFA VDI desktops. Does not apply to NFA RDS desktops.

Resetting a desktop is similar to rebooting a PC. Much like one can press the power button on a computer to shut it down, reset shuts down the desktop and starts it back up. This typically takes about five minutes. A user logged in to the desktop will see a message that they have been disconnected as their session is terminated. They will lose any unsaved work. You may need to reset a desktop if the user's desktop has become unresponsive.

Reverting a desktop returns the desktop to the golden image for your Nerdio environment. All user data and any applications the user may have installed are lost. Only data stored in the Documents and Desktop folders is retained. You may need to revert a desktop if an application a user has installed is interfering with normal usage.

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