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How do I reset password for a user?

There's a few options for you as an IT Administrator to reset the password for a user.

  1. If the user is logged into their desktop, have them press CTRL-ALT-INS (equivalent of CTRL-ALT-DEL) and click on Change Password.
  2. If the user is not logged into their desktop, have them log in and then do step 1.
  3. If the user is not able to log in then direct user to Password Reset portal (https://ids[four digit code] and have user follow on-screen prompts.  It’s best to take control over the computer at this point and walk the user through it. See this KB article for detailed steps.
  4. If user doesn’t have access to the Password Reset portal or doesn’t have a mobile phone or passcode set up, log in to Nerdio Admin Portal and manually reset password for the user from the User management module.
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