I want to transfer files to/from Nerdio desktop

Applies to: PCs, Macs and other computers. Does not apply to mobile devices and zero clients.

If you are looking to transfer a file from your computer to your Nerdio desktop, or vice versa from your Nerdio desktop to your computer, then you have three options -

Built-in redirection
When you first logged in to Nerdio desktop, you were prompted to allow Nerdio desktop to map your computer's Documents & Desktop folders. You will find these folders on your Nerdio desktop by clicking on "Computer" in Windows Explorer. You can simply copy & paste files from & to the mapped folders just like any other Windows folder.

Using OneDrive
On your Nerdio desktop, open up Windows Explorer and look for OneDrive in the left hand navigation pane. You can simply copy & paste files to the OneDrive folder. From your local computer you can then login to OneDrive and access the files you copied over in Nerdio desktop.

USB drives
USB devices can be redirected to the Nerdio desktop using the "Connect USB" menu at the top of the screen. However, this can be very slow and is not recommended. The best option is to transfer the files locally first using one of the two methods above and then copy the files to the USB drive locally.

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