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Where are all my files and folders?

Our Nerdio superheroes have worked with hundreds of companies just like yours. They have designed a folder structure to organize your files & folders based on their years of experience helping companies succeed with IT.

From the “Start” menu click on “Documents”. You will see a “Documents” folder. This folder is a private folder where you save your documents.

There are two shared drives that are network drives. The first one is called “PUBLIC”. It’s for sharing documents with everyone at your organization. The second drive is called “DEPT”. That’s short for Department. Each department at your organization has a folder on that drive. Typically you will find these folders – Accounting, Admin, Customer Support, Finance, HR, Legal, Marketing and Sales. These folders are accessible by members of the respective department. You can use this drive to store documents you want to share with others in your department.

You will find one more network drive. It’s the U: drive and stands for “User”. It will be named the same as your login username. You will find the “Documents” folder on this drive. You can largely ignore this drive and instead use the “Documents” folder directly.

Finally, you have an OneDrive drive available as well. That’s your cloud drive. Any documents you save on this drive will be available to you on your mobile device using the OneDrive app from Microsoft.

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