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Which anti-virus software should I install?

Nerdio servers and desktops come pre-installed with Kaspersky anti-virus. We follow the following schedule by default to ensure your servers and desktops stay free of unwanted viruses –

  • A basic critical scan is run daily at 2 a.m. local time
  • A full scan runs weekly on Saturday at 3 a.m. local time
  • The anti-virus database updates automatically with the latest information about viruses
  • The Kaspersky anti-virus software itself updates automatically so that you always have the latest version of the anti-virus software
Nerdio Tip
  • Are you a Nerdio reseller/partner? Please install your own RMM agent along with AV. Make sure to uninstall KAV and Kaseya agent from the golden image and other desktops so that you can install your own versions. Delete c:\temp\KcsSetup.exe on the golden image to prevent it from being re-installed.
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