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I want to open my documents on my phone or tablet

Sure, you can use Microsoft Office 365 to do that.

First you will need to download the Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps on your phone. Go to the App store (iOS users) or Google Play store (Android users) and search for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. These are free apps that you can you install on your tablet or mobile device. We also recommend installing Microsoft OneDrive.

Next open the app on your device. We recommend opening OneDrive. You will be prompted to login. Log in with your organization username and password – the same username and password you use to log in to your Nerdio desktop. In OneDrive, locate the file you want to view and tap it. The document will be opened in Word, Excel or PowerPoint on your tablet or mobile device.

Nerdio Tip
  • You must save files to your OneDrive folder in order to open them on your phone or tablet.


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How to view a PowerPoint presentation on a tablet


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