Restart a Stopped or Failed WebJob

Restart a Stopped or Failed WebJob

You may see a task that is stuck in a Pending state or the alert "Nerdio Manager has not been able to check-in with our billing system" is displayed at the top of the page. This is because Nerdio Manager's app service WebJob is not running, or has failed, and you need to restart the app service.

Note: Any pending tasks execute upon restart of the application services. Therefore, you want to cancel any pending tasks prior to the reboot.

To restart the WebJob app service:

  1. In the Azure portal, navigate to App Services.

  2. Select the Nerdio Manager app service which is usually named web-admin-portal-xxxx.

  3. On the blade on the left side, in the Settings section, select WebJobs.

  4. Make sure that the WebJob provision is running.

  5. If the WebJob is not running, start it.

  6. If the WebJobs status is Running, restart the App Service, wait 5 minutes, and check WebJobs again.

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