Scripted Actions - Account-Level Secure Variables

Scripted Actions - Account-Level Secure Variables

Nerdio Manager allows you to manage Account-level Secure Variables. These secure variables can be passed to account-level scripted actions. The variables are stored securely in the Azure Key Vault and can be passed to scripted actions using the $SecureVars.Variable_Name variable name.


  • This feature is especially helpful if you want to pass sensitive information to a scripted action without passing it via clear text.

  • See Scripted Actions - MSP-Level Secure Variables for details about MSP-level secure variables.

To manage account-level secure variables:

  1. At the Account level, navigate to Settings Portal.

  2. In the Secure variables for scripted actions tile, select the action (add, edit, or remove) you wish to perform.

  3. To add or edit a global secure variable, enter the following information:

    • Name: Type the name of the variable.

      Note: The variable name must be between 1 and 20 alphanumeric characters.

    • Value: Type the variable's value.

    • Windows scripts: Optionally, from the drop-down list, select which Windows scripted action(s) the variable is passed to.

    • Azure runbooks: Optionally, from the drop-down list, select which Azure Runbook(s) the variable is passed to.

  4. When you have entered the desired information, select OK.

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