Add an Azure AD Account

Add an Azure AD Account

Nerdio Manager allows you to use Azure AD when creating an account. This also allows you to create Azure AD Joined (AADJ) host pools.

Azure AD-joined VMs remove the need to have line-of-sight from the VM to an on-premises or virtualized Active Directory Domain Controller (DC) or to deploy Azure AD Domain services (Azure AD DS). In some cases, it can remove the need for a DC entirely, simplifying the deployment and management of the environment. This reduces your costs and complexity significantly. Azure AD-joined VMs can also be automatically enrolled in Intune for ease of management.

As shown in the screen shot above, while creating a new account select the option Azure AD for the Active Directory setup. Note that in this case, there is no option to specify a particular AAD. This is because the VMs are automatically joined to the same AAD that the Azure subscription is connected to.

Once you select this option, a warning message displays, as shown in the screen shot above. You are required to select the confirmation. This is because there are a few limitations of AADJ while it's in preview. See this Microsoft article for known limitations. For example:

  • FSLogix profiles are not supported, as a result all host pool desktops support local profiles only.

  • MFA is not supported for AAD joined session hosts.

For full details about adding an account, see Add an Account.

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