Extend an On-Premises Domain Controller to Azure

Extend an On-Premises Domain Controller to Azure

The following steps must be executed to extend your on-premises domain controller to Azure.

Note:The steps below are provided as a service and are not directly supported by Nerdio in delivery. Please work with your distributor, CSP, or Microsoft directly if further support is needed.

To extend an on-premises domain controller to Azure:

  1. Create a resource group. Learn more.

  2. Create a VNet. Learn more.

  3. Create a site-to-site VPN. Learn more.

  4. Change the DNS server on the VNet to an on-premises DNS server. Learn more.

  5. Create a domain controller VM in Azure. (B2ms) Learn more.

  6. Set the domain controller's IP to static. Learn more.

  7. Install AD DS role on the VM.

  8. Add a new DC VM to the VNet DNS server list. Learn more.

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