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I want to white label Nerdio

As a Nerdio partner, you can white label Nerdio and display your own branding in place of Nerdio branding. Consider these two categories when you think of white labeling Nerdio -

I. UI - Admin Portal
Nerdio Admin Portal (NAP) is used primarily by Nerdio partner employees to manage their customer's Nerdio IT environment. Some partners may choose to give one or more of their customer IT admins access to Nerdio Admin Portal to manage their own Nerdio IT environment.

II. Desktop experience
NFA and NPC end-users log in to Nerdio desktops. There are three items that can be white labeled to hide the Nerdio brand from end-users:

  • Desktop name displayed (NPC end-users only).
  • ADFS authentication screen.
  • Server connection address ( instead of Note, additional fees apply for whitelabeling the server connection address.

White labeling Nerdio

Follow these step to white label Nerdio:

  1. Log in to Nerdio Admin Portal.
  2. Under Settings, click Whitelabel.
  3. Enable white labeling first, by sliding the button "Enable whitelabeling" to ON.
  4. Specify various settings presented on screen
    1. Logo: Upload your company logo to replace the logo displayed in the upper-left corner of Nerdio Admin Portal, and in email notifications sent to end-users and admins.
    2. Favicon: Upload a favicon image file to replace the favicon displayed for Nerdio Admin Portal.
    3. App name: Choose a name for your product. It will replace the word "Nerdio" in the portal, in email notifications, ADFS authentication screen, NPC desktop name, and in other places where the word "Nerdio" is presented.
    4. Abbreviated name: Choose a three letter acronym for the product. It will replace the acronym "NAP".
    5. Brand color: Choose the main color used in NAP. This will change the color for section headings, selected menu items and other similar elements in NAP.
    6. Tint color: Choose the secondary color used in NAP. This will change the color for highlighted menu items and other similar elements in NAP.
    7. Phone: Enter the help desk phone number listed in email notifications sent to end-uses and admins.
    8. Email: Enter the help desk email address listed in email notifications sent to end-uses and admins.
    9. Help center URL: Enter the website NAP user will visit when he/she clicks on Help icon in upper right in NAP.
    10. NAP website address: NAP users visit to log in to NAP. To white label the URL and branding displayed on login page, enter the sub-domain that you would like to use with the generic URL
  5. Click "Save changes".


bulletpoint Do you want to white label server connection address? Contact the engineering support team for instructions.You will need to purchase a wild card certificate. And there is a fee for setting it up.
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