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Can I consolidate file and AD servers?

A brand new Nerdio environment includes a file server (FS01) and a domain controller server (DC01). We separate FS01 and DC01 based on best practices, workload management and to avoid a single point of failure in the environment. Additionally, we provide access to domain management tools, specific to the services running on DC01, via FS01.

While not recommended, it is possible to delete FS01 if you choose, but keep in mind that all desktop and document redirection being done via Group Policy points to FS01 and will need to be modified. You will need to request full admin access to DC01. To reiterate, the environment is provisioned and customized based on best practices and we recommend building on top of our default configuration.

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    Adam Thorn

    It it were truly best practice all servers would be server core with no GUI and a privileged workstation with server admin tools (RSAT) would be provisioned. It would also ease the system requirements for the server VMs and allow you to shut down the privileged workstation when not in use to further save resources/money.

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