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I would like a list of NFA system accounts created in Office 365

While provisioning a new Nerdio for Azure (NFA) account, Nerdio will create the following users in your Azure Active Directory:

I. Mandatory users required for orchestrating various Azure and Office 365 actions

  1. Nerdio Azure Admin
  2. Nerdio O365 Admin
  3. Install User
  4. New User Template (default)

II. Users made available for management convenience

  1. Customer Administrator
  2. Engineering Administrator
  3. Office 365 Administrator
  4. Partner Administrator
  5. Tier1 Support Administrator
  6. Tier2 Support Administrator


We strongly recommend you don't delete any of these users. We do recommend you reset password for all users, except Nerdio Azure Admn and Nerdio O365 Admin. Please contact us to reset passwords for Nerdio Azure Admin and Nerdio O365 Admin.


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